With A Thousand Faces

overlayed video loops, projection on cloth


With A Thousand Faces looks at the different ways in which we view the physical body and how we view ourselves in relation to our own bodies. Often, we view the body as something much more solid, concrete, and unchanging than it is. In reality, the physical body–the flesh and bone, the tissue–is growing, changing, dying and regenerating at an unbelievably fast rate, whether out of or directly under our own control. This work attempts to grapple with the idea of the body as this mailable, uncertain entity.

By overlaying 4 transparent video loops of different lengths, there is a constant re-imagining of the composite figure. By projecting onto/through multiple moving, transparent surfaces, the figure is further pushed into a state of constant shifting and movement, while there are multiple layers in which to view the figure, much as multiple perceptions of one’s body can exist simultaneously.